Crisis Hotline

Crisis Text Line 24/7 Support

Text 4hope to 741741

The QRT team provides confidential help for opioid overdose survivors by connecting them to treatment & recovery support services.

Call or Text 419-306-6534

For Overdose Reporting

This is the QRT Hotline for confidential overdose reporting.

Leave a message with a name, number and address and we will reach out.

Within 72 hours of an overdose report, QRT will:

  • Visit with survivor and/or family and friends.
  • Encourage survivor to seek treatment. If survivor wants treatment, they will be immediately connected with treatment provider.
  • Provide local treatment and recovery resources to survivor and/or family/friends.
  • Inform survivor that they may request Hancock Public Health to visit and provide a free naloxone kit and information about communicable diseases.
  • Provide survivor with follow-up and support throughout treatment and recovery.

QRT member will be accompanied by Findlay Peace Officer for initial visit. This is for QRT protection only.