The Hancock County Community Coalition on Addiction began in 2010 by a group of concerned community members who wanted to address the growing community health concerns related to opiate use and addiction. Beginning with a community medication collection aimed at reducing the amount if opiate and other medications accessible for misuse, the Task Force has grown to include over seventy community stakeholders representing over thirty community organizations.


A coalition dedicated to addressing the impact of substance use on our community.


Health, prevention, recovery, and support for all.


  1. Every life is valued.
  2. Every member of the community is vital to the work of the coalition.


  1. Support people with substance use disorder and their loved ones.
  2. Support accessibility and reduce barriers to services.
  3. Implement best prevention strategies that impact people with highest risk.
  4. Reduce stigma.


The Coalition on Addiction began in 2010 by a group of concerned community members who wanted to address the growing community health challenges related to opiate use and addiction. Over time, this focus grew to include all substance use disorders. The Coalition on Addiction has grown to include nearly one hundred community members, representing multiple organizations and all sectors of the community.

The Coalition on Addiction works collaboratively to assess, develop, implement, and evaluate a continuum of interventions and practices that serve people with substance use disorder, their families, and community members, to reduce the impact of addiction in Hancock County. Members of the coalition are guided by Hancock County’s commitment to ensure an environment exists that offers an opportunity for recovery through a Recovery Oriented System of Care.

The Coalition on Addiction is a sub-committee of the Hancock County Community Partnership (a community-based coalition focused on substance use prevention and mental health promotion), which is a standing committee of the Hancock County Board of Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services. The Coalition on Addiction is comprised of four sub-committees: Committee Chairs, Community Awareness; Legislative; and, Medical.

To learn more or to join our efforts, contact us at 419-424-1985.