Established in 1990, the Hancock County Community Partnership is one of the longest standing prevention coalitions in the State of Ohio. The Partnership focuses on substance use prevention and mental wellness by working together to create positive community change through awareness, education, and environmental strategies.

The Partnership believes that if strong prevention strategies are used in our community, then the overall health and quality of life in Hancock County will be improved.


2021 NEWS

Four Community Organizations Receive Grants – Press Release, March 3, 2021

Hidden In Plain Sight

Parents and caregivers often struggle with how to recognize the signs and symptoms of drug use and other high-risk behaviors. More importantly, parents often report that they are not equipped with the appropriate tools to be able to effectively address these issues and help their children receive necessary care to prevent serious consequences.

This is where Hidden In Plain Sight can help.

Hidden In Plain Sight in an interactive presentation that provides parents and caregivers an opportunity to explore a mock set-up of a child’s bedroom and look for signs of drug use.

If you would like to find out when upcoming Hidden In Plain Sight presentations are taking place or would like to schedule a free presentation for your organization, contact Jessica Halsey, Hancock Public Health, at (419) 424-7105