If yes, complete this free anonymous survey to get a better understanding of your alcohol use.

Is alcohol beginning to impact the health and well-being of a friend or family member you know? Encourage them to take this anonymous survey to get tips, encouragement, resources, and connection to care if needed based off their answers.

Prevention is an integral part of a healthy community. Prevention promotes the health and safety of individuals and communities. Prevention focuses on reducing the likelihood of or delaying the onset of behavioral health problems.

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Prevention Principles

  1. Delay the Onset of First Use. The later in life someone uses substances, the less likely they are to develop a substance use problem.
  2. Protect the Brain. The human brain is not fully developed until age 26. We must protect the brain from the harmful effects of substance use which can physically alter brain structure and impair decision making and emotional regulation.
  3. Identify Risk and Response with Evidence-Based, Age-Appropriate Strategies. Risk factors, genetic predisposition, trauma, negative peer influences, and community environments can influence an individual’s susceptibility to substance use. Our goal is to recognize how individuals are effected by these unique risk factors and provide appropriate interventions and supports to promote protective factors such as healthy decision making, relationship building, and connection to the community.
  4. Provide Support to the Entire Family. The family, however that is defined by a person, is the most effective way to provide healthy supports for an individual.
  5. Deliver Services in the Community. Rather than insist on individuals go to services, it is imperative that we work to reduce barriers and access to services wherever possible. Only when we serve the most vulnerable, will be able to create a safe and health community for all.

To learn more, visit the Family Resource Center website or contact them at 419.425.5050