Recovery Requires A Community!

Over the past 47 year history of the Hancock County ADAMHS Board, we have set the bar high, aiming to bring the most effective prevention, early intervention and treatment services to this community.  It is important to the ADAMHS Board of Hancock County that all of the members of our community feel as though they are a part of making our community a better place.  We especially are concerned with a part of our population who many times are overlooked: those who are or have experienced Mental Illness or Addiction. We know that treatment works and that people recover.  We also understand it takes a community willing to exchange mistrust & stigma for vision & hope.  There are individuals in recovery everywhere: in our schools; government; churches; places we eat, shop and play daily. Recovery is something to be celebrated, not feared.  We are committed to making sure people who want help can and do change for the better, and in doing so help change the face of our community.
~Precia Stuby, Executive Director

What is Addiction?

Addiction reflects the highest level of progression of a substance use disorder.

What is Recovery?

Recovery is a process of change that permits an individual to make healthy choices and improve the quality of his or her life.

Pathways to Recovery

There are many pathways to recovery. Individuals are unique with specific needs, strengths, goals, health attitudes, behaviors and expectations for recovery. Pathways to recovery are highly personal, and generally involve a redefinition of identity in the face of crisis or a process of progressive change. Furthermore, pathways are often social, grounded in cultural beliefs of traditions, and involve informal community resources, which provide support for sobriety.

Hope and Healing Showcase