VOTE YES for Mental Health

Please help. In the past year, thousands of Hancock County residents, including friends, family, and co-workers, were directly impacted by mental health and substance use services provided by local agencies including:  Ohio Guidestone (formerly A Renewed Mind); Family Resource Center; FOCUS Recovery and Wellness Community; and, NAMI Hancock County.  Local levy dollars were used to subsidize these services when there was no other source of funding.

On May 3, 2022, The Citizens Committee for Mental Health and Substance Use Services is seeking your vote in favor of a 1.3 mill replacement Levy. When approved, this will mark fifty-five years of local support for mental health and substance use services.

Here are a few impactful ways you can support mental health:

  1. VOTE YES for mental health on May 3.
  2. Show your support for mental health by placing a yard sign in your front yard. Call 419-424-1985 to get a yard sign.
  3. Ask your employers and co-workers to share messages of support in newsletters or church bulletins, on a website, in the signature line of emails, or on electronic signs and window fronts.
  4. Write, call, or text family and friends to encourage them to VOTE YES for mental health.
  5. Like and share the ADAMHS Facebook page and posts.
  6. Share a personal testimony on why supporting mental health is important to you. Scan the QR code to share your testimony.

In the last two years, our community has seen tremendous challenges as a result of the pandemic. In fact, in the first year of the pandemic, 4 in 10 adults reported symptoms of anxiety or depression. There was a 21% increase in adult mental health assessments, and a 7% increase in youth mental health assessments. Research also informs us that the recovery period of any community-based traumatic experience is at least 7 years – this means we can expect to see this increased need for mental health and substance use services continue well into the future.

Passage of the Levy means continued operations and expansion of mental health and substance abuse services for the residents of Hancock County. Demand for these services is growing at a significant rate. Last year, one in seven community members was directly impacted by levy-supported services.

VOTE YES on MAY 3 – Early voting begins April 5.