Quick Response Team Hotline

QRT HOTLINE: 419-306-6563

Call or Text to be connected with the QRT.

The QRT Hotline is confidential.

Within 72 hours of an overdose, the Quick Response Team (QRT) will visit with the overdose survivor to help them get connected to treatment and recovery support services.

In response to an overdose, the QRT will do the following:

  • Within 72 hours of the overdose, the QRT Coordinator and a Findlay Peace Officer will visit with the survivor and/or family members and friends.
  • The Coordinator and Officer will encourage the survivor to become engaged in treatment. If the survivor wants treatment, he/she will be immediately be connected with a treatment provider.
  • Local treatment and recovery resources will be provided to the survivor and/or family members and friends.
  • The survivor may also request Hancock Public Health to visit to provide a free naloxone kit and information about communicable diseases.
  • The Coordinator will provide follow-up and support throughout treatment and recovery.

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Century Health:  (419) 425-5050