Drug Free Workplace Community Initiative Launched in Hancock County

December 5, 2016


Findlay, Ohio In an effort to address the safety and economic threat of drug abuse in the workplace, Hancock County is one of 18 Ohio communities participating in the Working Partners® Drug-Free Workforce Community Initiative. This statewide initiative is a public-private partnership, funded in part by the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services.

The Initiative’s objectives are to increase an employable, drug-free workforce in Ohio; build healthier, more productive and economically sound workplaces; and to create systems to educate employees – who are parents or adults with influence over young people – to prevent drug use among that population now and in the future.  To achieve these objectives the Initiative will be modeled after a program developed by drug-free workplace industry experts, Working Partners® and bring together local stakeholders and businesses.

“We are concerned about the drug-related issues we are facing and how they affect not only individuals, families, and the community as a whole, but also workplaces which are the economic foundation of our community,” said Zachary Thomas, Director of Wellness and Education, Hancock County ADAMHS Board. “By bringing employers together to develop polices and share best practices, we believe we are taking very important steps to address the economic threat of substance abuse by employees and job seekers in our state.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Hancock County to create their own unique Drug-Free Workforce Community Initiative,” said Dee Mason, founder and CEO of Working Partners®. “By attacking this problem with a local grassroots approach, working with leaders embedded in communities across the state, we believe we will realize measurable changes that will result in a safer, healthier and more economically viable Ohio workforce.”


The Working Partners® Drug-Free Workforce Community Initiative (DFWCI) is a public-private partnership between the State of Ohio and Working Partners® to address the economic threat of substance abuse by employees and job seekers in our state. We are doing this by

  • Bringing together key stakeholders and employers in 18 communities throughout the state to assess local challenges and resources, and implement strategies to develop a job-ready workforce of drug-free individuals to serve employers’ needs now and in the future.
  • Working with employers to equip them with education, technical assistance and tools needed to prevent and respond to workplace substance abuse in a productive, legally-sound and meaningful way.
  • Providing regular communications to leadership (local, state and national) to keep them apprised of all substance abuse issues and legislation that affect the workplace.

Our goal is to build healthier, stronger, more productive workforces and workplaces based on local needs and, in turn, build a healthier, stronger, more economically-sound Ohio.

The Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (OhioMHAS) and Working Partners® have developed a public-private partnership to move the Working Partners® Drug-Free Workforce Community Initiative forward throughout the state. The initiative will support local employment strategies related to drug-free workplaces. OhioMHAS has provided funding for 18 local communities to work with Working Partners® to convene and coordinate stakeholders to assess specific community needs and develop local action plans to develop strong local drug-free workforces by employing a variety of best practices that meet these needs.





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